Central Valley Senior Models!

These girls are so fun! They answered the call for Senior Models in the Central Valley of California from Atwater, Manteca, Turlock, Hughson, and Modesto- and were so great to work with for the 2017-2018 school year. It’s been so fun watching them all go chase their dreams and pursue their individual interests.


Meet Dani! | Ripon Senior Photographer

 I've been missing from this little corner of the internet for a bit!  But I wanted to share Dani with you and the fun images we got.  Dani is actually a Hughson High School graduate, but we decided to go up to Ripon for her session & check out Ripon Army Corps Park.  That park, you guys!  So many cool spots!  We got some urban looking shots with the graffiti and a few shots up on the bridge, we got some by the river and on the trails as well.  Seriously, such a great location.  

We did hair and makeup in Salida with a great makeup artist, Aneesa.  She gave Dani a really natural look with just enough glam for the camera.  


Once we got to the park we started under the bridge and got some super cool shots with the graffiti and the pillars. 


The rest of the session we tromped around the park and battled a few mosquitos, but ended up with an amazing final result.  


Model Call!

Hey There!  

I'm doing a model call for Turlock, California  and the surrounding areas in Central California.  This is my first year to experience the incredible SPRING here in the Central Valley, and I'd love to capture it with you.

 If you are a senior  or a family and you're interested in doing a session with me, please send me your email and head over to my model call page to get all the details.

I am so excited to build my business here in California and I have loved getting to know the people here.  I can't wait to meet more of you and create some gorgeous images together! 

Turlock, California and Lessons in Change

If you would have told me a year ago that today I'd be sitting at my computer in the middle of the Central Valley of California I probably would have laughed at you.  I might have even thought you were crazy. A year ago, we were living in a teensy tiny town in Montana, over an hour from the nearest stoplight, but filled with amazing people with huge hearts.  I had a business that was growing, and was happy.   

When my husband told me that he had a great job opportunity close to his family in California, I pretty much knew we couldn't pass it up, no matter how much I loved Montana.  But, chaaaaaaaaange. Change is grueling, and hard to wrap my head around sometimes.  I once heard someone describe the feeling of change as being similar to sandpaper across your skin.  You know you're not going to die, but it is uncomfortable and horrible, and the anticipation of the pain can sometimes be what sucks the most.   Over the course of the last year, however, I've come to view change through a different lens.  It can be cleansing.  It can be liberating.  It can push you to become a better, more authentic version of yourself, and it can be a fantastic catalyst for growth. 

Our little family packed up and moved across 4 states all the way to Turlock, and I am so happy to be here!  I have made a few changes to my business, including a name change!   I'm so excited about all the new opportunities here, as well as the amazing experience Wendy Vincent Photography is now able to offer clients.   Because of this move, I've not only made positive changes in my business, but it's helped me be so grateful for my little family and the unit we are.  And, if change can help me gain a perspective that contributes to living an abundant life, I say "BRING IT ON". 

turlock photography change.jpg