Macie Nicole Jewelry | Central Valley Small Business Branding

This girl! It was so fun to work with her and see some of the beautiful pieces of jewelry she creates. I love to support local small business here in Turlock and in the Central Valley of California, so it was so awesome that Macie was interested in having photos done. We took a few photos of her pieces and then went to the river where she modeled her creations. It was so fun to get to know her.


McKenzie Schindler Photography | Turlock Branding Photographer

This girl!!  She is my photography other half, you guys!  We met a few years ago (holy crap how has it been so long!?!?!?!)  in an online business class.  After many many skype meetings, google hangouts, and messages back and forth, I drove to Utah and we did some branding images for her business.  You can find her at

  Branding images are SO much more than headshots these days.  When I do branding images, I take in to consideration not only what the images will be used for, but the image and "feel" that you want your brand and business to convey.  We work together to come up with a plan to create images for your website and social media.   These images are not only pretty shots, but they help convey your personality and what you can bring to your customers or clients.  

McKenzie wanted shots in the mountains of Utah, and we took a few casual, relaxed photos, a few goofy and crazy photos (social media gold ;) ) as well as a few that are more formal.  

My favorites are the photos of her laughing, because they genuinely convey the sweetness and fun of this cute business owner!