Kaiser Family | Mommy and Me | Turlock Family Photos

This gorgeous lady is another one of my dear friends.  We have known each other since HIGH-SCHOOL, and I'll spare you the details of how long ago that was, haha! But, just know we've been friends for a long time.  She and her husband have two of the cutest kiddos on the planet and while dad was away fighting forest fires (THANK YOU to all our firefighters!) we got together and did a little mommy and me session.   


Kearl Family | Modesto Family Photographer

Lisa is one of my dearest friends and this is she and her family!  We met several years ago when I moved to a TINY town in the middle of Montana and became fast friends.  She moved away from that town and a few years later I moved away as well, but we kept in touch and have remained friends.  She is part of the mom-squad that I do my girl's trips with every year!  

It was SO fun to get to photograph her adorable kids and wonderful husband.  Miss you like crazy, Lis! 


The King Family- Turlock, CA Family Photographer

Oh, my word, friends!  It seems I am always behind on a few things in my life, and blogging is one of them.  Lately I've been trying to be grateful for the "busy".  I had a friend mention the other day that we need to rearrange the way we think about our overwhelm.   Sometimes I am overwhelmed keeping up with all the things my kids need.  But, instead of wallowing in self pity that I can't keep up, maybe I could be grateful that I have LOTS of house (which makes for lots of cleaning) and LOTS of good food to eat (which makes for lots of dishes), and even LOTS of kids (which makes for lots of happiness and giggles and love).   

So, instead of being overwhelmed at the thought of catching up on blogging my sessions, I am going to be so grateful that this adorable family gave me the opportunity to photograph them!  They are such genuinely nice people and their kiddos were so incredible for the entire shoot.  Not to mention ADORABLE.  Grace pulled out all her best poses for me and I loved every minute of it.  She is such a wonderful girl!  And little baby Charley's gorgeous baby blues just knock my socks off.  Can you say heart-breaker?? And little Katie and Ben were so stinking sweet the whole time and both blew me away with how photogenic they are.   King family, I just loved working with you and getting to know you a little better! 

Almond Blossoms! And a Really Cute Family - Turlock, CA Family Photographer

The past 8 months have involved so much change and craziness for my family and I.  We have adjusted to new schools, new house, new traffic, and even new weather!  It was such a crazy experience for me to have spring come at the end of February, and to watch all the amazing blooming trees here in California.  Up in Montana I was still dealing with blizzards in February.  But, I'll take fluttering white flower petals over fluttering white snowflakes this year!  

I ventured out in to the orchards with my friend Marian and her amazing family.  Honestly, these people are just my kind of people.  So much kindness and heart. Their kids are so darling, and are fantastically smart.  Plus, their little girl is as spunky and energetic as they come, and it totally reminds me of my own daughter, who I happen to think is pretty fabulous. 

Also, thank you so much to Starkey Lucas Farming in Ceres, CA for letting us borrow their orchard for an afternoon.  I just loved the way the light filtered through the blossoms.  Such a gorgeous backdrop for family photos!